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Interested in contributing to our blog? We are actively seeking talented cannabis writers who can create engaging, research-driven articles to be featured as guest posts on 420 Medical Card Online.

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Why Choose Us?

420 Medical Card Online is a rapidly expanding health-tech platform with an extensive user base of over 500,000 registered medical marijuana patients. With a monthly readership of over 100,000 pageviews, publishing your CBD guest post content on website can significantly boost your brand visibility and recognition.

What We're Seeking?

We are currently accepting high-quality cannabis content that is informative, educational, and easy to understand. We are particularly interested in the following types of articles:

1. News-style:

  • Brief articles ranging from 500 to 550 words discuss the latest cannabis news.
  • Up to 2 links are permitted within the article body, and 1 link to the author’s personal website can be included in the author’s bio.

2. Deep dive / Educational:

  • Articles exceeding 1000 words that provide comprehensive coverage of specific subtopics.
  • Up to 5 links are allowed within the article body, along with an additional link to the author’s personal website in the author’s bio.

3. Interviews:

  • Articles of varying lengths, as long as they exceed 500 words.
  • These articles should thoroughly explore the interview agenda and offer valuable takeaways for readers.
  • Up to 2 links are permitted within the article’s body, with an extra link included in the author’s bio.

Please note that these are not the only types of articles we accept. If you have an exciting idea outside of these categories, feel free to submit your article to [email protected]. We will respond to your submission within 48 hours.

Guest Post Services | What We're Seeking

What to Avoid to Ensure Acceptance?

To prevent rejection, please refrain from submitting articles that include:

Our CBD | Cannabis/Marijuana Guest Post Service Guidelines

Before submitting your article or cbd blog, please adhere to the following editorial guidelines:

  • SEO: Optimize your guest post for improved search engine rankings by following these steps.
  • Readability: Aim for a readability level equivalent to that of an average American 7th/8th grader (approximately 12-14 years old). Use tools like the Hemingway App to assess the readability score of your article.
  • Keywords: State three keywords (one primary and two secondary) that you focused on while writing the content. Emails without these keywords may be rejected.
  • Keyword distribution: Avoid keyword stuffing. Familiarize yourself with our published articles to maintain consistent writing quality.
  • Internal Links: Include internal links to relevant existing articles or pages on 420 Medical Card Online. This demonstrates your research efforts and understanding of our platform.
  • External Links: Only one personal/company link is allowed, specifically in the author’s bio section. Unless otherwise discussed, these links will be UGC (User-Generated Content) or no-follow links. For inquiries about the possibility of obtaining do-follow links, please include “Do-follow links required” in the subject line of your email.
  • Article Length: Aim for a minimum of 500 words. Articles exceeding 1000 words have a higher acceptance rate. Avoid writing excessively long or thin content. The length of your article should be justified and provide value to readers.
  • Sources: Cite sources and credit original creators whenever necessary.
  • Linkback: Writers who include links to their previously published articles on 420 Medical Card Online have a higher acceptance rate. Consider sending us the link to the page where you mentioned us while pitching your article.
  • Unique Content: Check if your article has already been published by us. The chances of rejection are higher for duplicate content, unless your article provides a fresh viewpoint or new takeaways for readers compared to the existing article.
  • Content Style: To better understand our preferred content style, browse the following pages and read through some of the posts: State Cannabis Laws and Blog.
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Sponsored Content

We also accept sponsored content, provided it aligns with 420 Medical Card Online’s interests and values. For inquiries regarding sponsored collaborations, please contact [email protected] with the appropriate subject line.

How To Pitch On Our Content Collaboration Platform?

Follow these steps to pitch for your content collaboration request on medical marijuana/cannabis:


The editors at 420medicalcardonline.com reserve the right to edit your article as they see fit. They may also choose not to publish it if it fails to adhere to the Guidelines.