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Getting Your California Medical Marijuana Card Online

Here are the steps you need to follow if you are considering to get a medical card online:

  • Register Online on our HIPAA compliant telemedicine portal and fill in all the necessary details
  • Get Yourself Evaluated by a California state-licensed medical marijuana doctor.
  • If you qualify, you will receive a medical cannabis recommendation in your email.
Medical Marijuana Card sample

Legal Status



Possession Limits

Medical patients

No Limit

Recreational users


1 oz

State Taxes

Medical patients


Recreational users




Benefits of Having a California Medical Marijuana Card

Tax Savings

Having a medical marijuana card can save you from paying additional taxes that are imposed on buying cannabis.

Legal Security

A medical marijuana card can save you from getting into any legal problems that may arise due to possession of cannabis

Quick Cannabis Access

A medical marijuana recommendation provides quick access to medical cannabis products from stores and elsewhere

Higher Possession Limit

A Medical Cannabis Recommendation by licensed marijuana doctor will allow you to possess higher amount of medical cannabis

Low Age Restriction

A Medical Cannabis Recommendation letter allows a person to possess and consume cannabis at a lower age (18 years)

Consume Stronger Potency

Medical Marijuana patients can consume cannabis of stronger potency than recreational users based on their health.

Frequently asked. Frequently answered.

A medical marijuana recommendation is a letter which allows the rec holder to possess and consume medical cannabis which is usually in a pdf format or a printed letter, whereas, a medical marijuana card refers to a plastic ID card for the recommendation which can be kept in a wallet.

Every medical marijuana card is valid up to one year and can be renewed after re-evaluation of medical conditions by a licensed marijuana doctor.