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How to Know If a Doctor is Legit?

All our doctors are state-registered and have valid licenses. Your medical recommendation will have their signature on it, along with the license number. They also have a physical presence in a state where they recommend medical cannabis online.

Your doctor’s address has to be verified in order for the California counties to approve a medical marijuana identification card. PO boxes are not considered address proof and thus not accepted. It is advised to always verify the address of a doctor.

The number of doctors has also increased owing to the rise of telemedicine, and these doctors have started giving online consultations without a physical medicine clinic. You should choose a doctor who has a physical presence and also has an experience with marijuana.


Furthermore, our experts specialize in treating numerous symptoms of medical conditions by providing patients with personalized treatment plans.

This Is What You Can Expect After Doctors’ Recommendation

You Get a Medical Cannabis Card

Once you are done with your doctor’s recommendation, you get your physical copy of a card delivered to your place or you receive a PDF recommendation through an email, usually on the same day in most states.

Explore Products at Dispensary

Your recommendation and a state issued ID card will help you find out the best and suitable medical cannabis products to deal with your symptoms of a condition.

Huge Savings

You will be able to save a huge amount of money on every purchase you make at the dispensary with your medical weed card.

Preference to Access Products

The medical marijuana card will give you preference in accessing a variety of premium products with higher potency than those who use marijuana for recreational purposes.

Follow Up Appointments

Some states ask you to get regular appointments with your doctors online so they can review the progress and check how medical cannabis has helped you so far and guide you further.

Easy Renewal

Our qualified MMJ doctors will help you with the easy and simple process of renewal. We are just a click away. Reach out to us before the expiry of your medical weed card.

Steps To Get Approved By Our Medical Experts or Get Your Money Back

Fill Appointment Form

Start the registration process by simply entering your basic details into the form for the online doctor's appointment.

Speak To a MMJ Doctor

A state-qualified professional will discuss your medical conditions with you via telemedicine platform to gauge if marijuana is the right option for you.

Get the Tailored Recommendation

The physician will email you the recommendation according to your cannabis needs and the condition you are suffering from.

Our Doctors Will Authorize You To Get A Medical Marijuana Card If You Qualify Below Medical Conditions:

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Benefits Aplenty For MMJ Card Holders

Qualified and Legit Doctors

We have licensed medical marijuana doctors who are certified to prescribe or recommend medical marijuana. They also have a physical presence in a state where they recommend medical cannabis online. We aim to get you connected to doctors who are more than happy to address all your concerns and recommend cannabis according to your needs.

Get Legal Security

You will have legal protection when you are driving or flying with medical marijuana as per your state law. It is provided only to patients who have been approved to use medicinal cannabis by licensed medical professionals.

Bypass Taxes

With a medical marijuana card, you can do away with several state and local taxes. Medical cardholders may also enjoy exemption from sales and use tax on cannabis. Not only this, the medical cardholders are also given special discounts on products at dispensaries.

Around 2M Multitudes Count On Our MMJ Doctors

Since being diagnosed with cancer, I have been a patient for a while. The medical card is quite useful and cost-effective. My improved quality of life is entirely due to the MMJ doctors' sincere concern and compassion for people like me.


They scheduled my appointment with the doctor and informed me when my prescription was about to expire.Yes, and they have amazing deals and discounts as well. These people seem to genuinely care and comprehend. I'm really grateful to them!


Very courteous and supportive doctors throughout the entire process and addressed all of my questions. I'm really happy I used their services.They made everything so simple. I'm very grateful.


Frequently Asked Questions

A medical marijuana doctor is a licensed physician who provides medical cannabis recommendations to patients with certain health conditions.

No, a medical marijuana doctor cannot give a recommendation to patients in other states. A doctor needs to be registered with the state government to provide a recommendation.

1. Search on a Web Search Engine
Search on Google using some keywords One can look for medical marijuana doctors by typing one of these queries on Google, Bing or any other search engine that you prefer:
Medical Marijuana Doctor”,
Medical Marijuana Doctor near me”,
Online MMJ Doctors”,
Cannabis doctors”,
Medical Marijuana Doctors Online“, etc.   
2. Find on a local directory
Local directories are an easy way to find any local service including medical marijuana doctors. Most of the directories are country based or state based. But some of them are also made specifically for cities or counties. As local directories are quite popular, it is easy for anyone to look for the nearest doctor through an easy-to-use interface.
3. Ask a Friend
Ask a friend who is already consuming medical cannabis. When nothing seems to be working, ask your friend or anyone who lives in the city. A friend can probably help in finding a marijuana doctor without any hassle. All you need to do is call your friend and ask for this favor.

We have all the state-registered doctors on board with valid licenses. Your medical recommendation will have their signature on it along with the license number. They also have a physical presence in a state where they recommend medical cannabis online.

There are certain qualifying medical conditions in place, and they vary in different states. You are required to meet one of the conditions in order to avail yourself of a medical cannabis card.