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Steps to Apply For Your California Grower's License

You Just Need To Follow Our Easy 3-Steps Process to Know That How to Get a Grower’s License In California.

Fill Out Our Online Form

Simply fill out our online form with your basic information and medical history. All your personal information is kept secure.

Get Evaluated By Our Licensed Physicians

Connect with one of our licensed physicians via our telemedicine platform for a confidential evaluation.

Receive Your Grower's License

If approved, you'll receive your grower's license via email almost in minutes, allowing you to legally cultivate your own medical marijuana.

Please note that  420 Medical Card Online collects the consultation fee for the grower’s license, and the license itself will be approved by an expert or licensed doctor in your state.

Start Growing Your Own Cannabis Plants at Home Today!

As a medical cannabis patient, having a reliable source of high-quality cannabis is essential for your wellbeing. However, constantly restocking can be time-consuming and expensive, and it can be difficult to find cannabis that meets your specific needs.


A grower’s license can take the hassle out of obtaining your medication. With a license to grow up to 99 plants in California, you can ensure a regular supply of high-quality cannabis, personalized to your unique needs. Growing your own cannabis not only saves you time and money, but it also allows you to have complete control over the quality of your medicine.


Investing in a grower’s license is an investment in your health and wellbeing. With an unlimited supply of cannabis grown at home, you can enjoy the benefits of this powerful medication without any added stress or uncertainty. Start growing your own medicine today and experience the difference a grower’s license can make.

Discover the Benefits of a Grower's License

A grower’s license offers more than just the legal right to grow cannabis. Here are some exclusive benefits you can enjoy in 2024:


Save money by growing your own cannabis for an unlimited supply.

Higher Growing Limit

Legally grow up to 99 plants at home with a legit license.

Easy Experimentation

Grow any strain and modify it to achieve the effects you need.

Quality Control

Have complete control over the type, product, and quality of the cannabis plants you grow.


Always have your medication on hand with no need to visit dispensaries for restocking.

Legal Security

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having the legal right to grow cannabis plants at home.

Grow Legally and Save Big on Your Marijuana Purchase

California legalized medical marijuana nearly 20 years ago, and since then, many other states have followed suit. The cannabis industry in California is one of the largest in the US, with both medical and recreational use legalized. For medical marijuana patients, a grower’s license allows them to legally grow more than the allowed limit of up to 6 mature or 12 immature plants for personal use. The grower must be at least 18 years old, or if the patient is a minor, their parent / guardian / caregiver is responsible for growing the plants and administering doses. It’s important to note that growing more than 6 plants without a grower’s license can result in legal sanctions.


If a patient needs more than 6 plants for their dose, they can get an MMJ recommendation from a licensed doctor and apply for an MMIC card with the state program. This card will allow them to exceed the growing limit legally. Keep in mind that a grower’s license only allows you to grow for personal use and not for commercial purposes. Having a grower’s license offers medical marijuana patients the convenience and cost-effectiveness of growing their own medicine. They can also have complete control over the quality of their cannabis and experiment with different strains to find the ones that work best for them.

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Counties In CA Where You Can Grow Marijuana Plants

Alameda Alpine Amador
Butte Calaveras Colusa
Contra Costa Del Norte El Dorado
Fresno Glenn Humboldt
Imperial Inyo Kern
Kings Lake Lassen
Los Angeles Madera Marin
Mariposa Mendocino Merced
Modoc Mono Monterey
Napa Nevada Orange
Placer Plumas Riverside
Sacramento San Benito San Bernardino
San Diego San Francisco San Joaquin
San Luis Obispo San Mateo Santa Barbara
Santa Clara Santa Cruz Shasta
Sierra Siskiyou Solano
Sonoma Stanislaus Sutter
Tehama Trinity Tulare
Tuolumne Ventura Yolo

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Frequently Asked Questions About Grower's License in CA

A grower’s license is essentially a medical recommendation from a doctor that grants patients permission to cultivate a greater number of marijuana plants than the standard limit, but strictly for personal use. The law permits individuals to grow up to 99 plants, although such a large number is generally excessive and no doctor allows a patient to grow so much. It’s advisable to approach cultivation responsibly and in accordance with the law, showing good citizenship and thoughtful consideration.

Indeed, in California, you possess the authorization to cultivate up to 99 marijuana plants if you hold a valid grower’s license. However, it’s worth noting that consuming such a substantial quantity of marijuana is typically unrealistic except in extraordinary situations. Unless you are dealing with a severe medical condition that necessitates an unusually high amount of cannabis, we strongly recommend refraining from cultivating such a large number of plants. Doing so could potentially lead to legal consequences.

It is prudent to familiarize yourself with and adhere to the pertinent local laws, guidelines, and restrictions associated with marijuana cultivation.

You can get a grower’s license in California from any clinic – online or offline. The online process is simpler and more convenient than visiting a clinic. 420 Medical Card Online is one such telemedicine clinic that allows you to get a grower’s license from the comfort of your home. The whole process does not take more than a few minutes. Here is how the process goes:

1) Fill out an online application form at 420medicalcardonline.com/growers-license.

2) Consult doctor online.

3) Receive a grower’s license.

No, as different states have different laws, you cannot use your California grower’s license in other states.

Yes, in California you are allowed to grow marijuana without a grower’s license. You are allowed to grow up to 6 plants per household. Although, the local law may differ. We advise you to adhere to local guidelines and regulations. If you want to grow more than this, you will need a grower’s license.