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Receive Your Recommendation

On qualification receive a medical cannabis recommendation via email within minutes. Download the soft copy from the comfort of your home and avail of medical cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries.

Get Evaluated Online

Have a face-to-face consultation with our certified health physician from your mobile phone or desktop. The medical cannabis doctor will evaluate the patient for a state-qualified medical condition.

Fill a Pre-Qualification Form

Begin by filling a simple medical form. Provide personal details and fill all the mandatory fields inside the form. The medical information will be protected under the HIPAA compliance rules to protect the patient’s privacy.

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Your Online MMJ Evaluation Includes

You will receive a medical cannabis recommendation valid for one year from the date of issuance. The recommendation is signed by the certified medical health professional. As the date of expiration nears, you can get it renewed online from us. A patient will receive an electronic copy of the recommendation via email and the hard copy of the cannabis card will reach your doorstep through state postal services within 2-3 business days. Also, your medical information will never be displayed on a public database because we have a HIPAA-Compliant based telemedicine platform. We only charge patients who qualify for medical cannabis recommendations, else your consultation will be free. Those who qualify and receive recommendations can access cannabis the same day from locally licensed dispensaries.

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420 Med Card Online Makes It Easy for You

We are a team of state-licensed doctors, and our team believes in the therapeutic power of cannabis. Cannabis can help improve the quality of your life. So, for those who seek cannabis care, our qualified doctors will listen to your medical needs and help provide top-class health care services.

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Why Patients Trust Us


Patients value us because we provide them a private cannabis treatment. Our process of getting a recommendation is very easy and quick. The online process has been designed keeping the users' ease of navigation and patients' medical cannabis requirements in mind. From sign up to receiving a recommendation via email, we ensure a smooth process without any technical glitch.


We provide MMJ services at an affordable price. You pay only after qualification, and the method of payment for online evaluations is digital with measures taken to keep the payment procedure safe and secure. For MMJ recommendation, renewal, and MMJ growers license, the prices will be different but inexpensive. You can check out our packages mentioned-above.


At 420 Med Card Online, you will have a face-to-face consultation with an actual state-licensed medical health professional. Once approved, your recommendation will consist of details such as the doctor's signature, patient information, a medical condition for which the recommendation is being provided, and the date of issuance. With the help of a legit MMJ recommendation, you can purchase and possess cannabis legally.

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Such an easy and convenient process. My sister was adamant that I need cannabis for my anxiety. So got my recommendation from here. The doctor was really nice and I had a genuinely great experience.


J. Elizondo

Professional! The customer care executive was really helpful. He guided me through the process. I had a video call with the doctor and he was kind enough to help me with my concerns. In a nutshell, I had a pretty good experience. Definitely, suggest them to everyone.


J. Odom

Pricing & Plans


$39.99 /Y Regularly $59.99 Get Recommendation
  • Get back to us for a marijuana renewal at least 30 days before the expiry date of your last mmj card.
  • Extend your validity for another year.


$49.99 /Y Regularly $69 Get Recommendation
  • Get back to us for a marijuana renewal at least 30 days before the expiry date of your last mmj card.
  • Extend your validity for another year.


$45.99 /Y Regularly $59 Get Recommendation
  • Get back to us for a marijuana renewal at least 30 days before the expiry date of your last mmj card.
  • Extend your validity for another year.


$199.99 /Y Regularly $249.99 Get Recommendation
  • Get back to us for a marijuana renewal at least 30 days before the expiry date of your last mmj card.
  • Extend your validity for another year.
+$20 Extra For Plastic Photo ID Card


Patients get a medical cannabis card in a recreational state because it helps them receive the benefits tagged along with a medical marijuana recommendation, for instance, higher possession and growing limits. For recreational users, the limit is set to 1 ounce whereas, the milt for MMJ cardholders is 8 ounces. Medical marijuana patients receive other benefits, too, which recreational users are not eligible for.
If you get your MMJ recommendation from a state-licensed medical health professional, you can easily avail of medical cannabis products from state-licensed dispensaries. The only difference is that if you get cannabis services through telemedicine platforms, you don’t have to go through the trouble of waiting in long queues to get a doctor's appointment. You also get your recommendation easily within minutes on the provided email address.
Recreational cannabis is used for leisure while medical cannabis is used to manage a medical condition. Also, you need a recommendation from a licensed medical health professional to get access to medical cannabis while you don’t need a recommendation to buy recreational cannabis.
The process is quite simple, convenient, and easy. At 420 Med card Online, we have a systemized process where the patient fills a medical form, waits in a virtual room until the application is verified. Next, the patient talks to a doctor over a video call and receives an electronic copy of the recommendation on the doctor's approval. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes and the copy of the recommendation can be used the same for availing of high-quality cannabis products.

Benefits of Getting a Medical Cannabis Card?

Become an MMJ cardholder and receive benefits such as tax relaxations, increased age limit, higher possession, and growing limits. With the help of a medical marijuana recommendation, you can save as much as 35% tax on cannabis products. The only exception here is that tax exemptions vary from state to state. Additionally, you will also receive legal protection because a medical cannabis patient can grow up to 6 mature cannabis plants without having to worry about a possible arrest. Any patient aged 18 and above with a state-qualifying medical condition can get a medical cannabis recommendation in states who have legalized cannabis for medical purposes. For recreational use, the age limit is set to 21 and above. The possession limit is also eight times lesser than what a marijuana patient can possess (8 ounces) and consume.

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