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Why CBD FTP Vape Are Market Leaders?

Why CBD FTP Vape Are Market Leaders?


CBD vaping is a new trend that has taken thousands of consumers by storm. The previously popular vaping of nicotine-containing or nicotine-free liquids has obtained a new sense – now you can shift from a bad habit to one with potential health benefits. CBD is known for its stress-relieving and painkilling properties, which makes CBD vaping a therapeutically beneficial pastime. Thus, you can manage your chronic or acute pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia by taking a couple of puffs and enjoying the thick, dense smoke.

However, choosing one product or brand amid the confusing variety of competing companies is a real challenge. Everyone claims to be the best, and the real value of each brand’s products can be tested only at the expense of your money and your health. So, why take risks and go through that rocky path of trial and error? It’s much easier to rely on the experience of pros and follow the tried and tested products in this new, vibrant market. In this article, we present a review of CBD For The People and explain why choosing a CBD FTP vape may be a good decision for health-conscious consumers.

What Is CBD FTP?

CBD For The People (or CBD FTP for short) is a California-based brand that has been catering to consumers’ interests for several years. Its product range includes CBD tinctures, soft gels, cartridges, and salves, each known for unrivaled purity, potency, and CBD concentration. The company claims to be engineering top-quality, unrefined, and certified non-GMO products infused with hemp extract obtained via a safe, non-chemical CO2 extraction technique. Therefore, its products are always free from solvents and pesticides, which can be checked in the third-party test results.

What Vapes Does the Company Offer?

At present, the brand has a broad range of product offerings, including Dark Gummies, unrefined CBD topicals, sweet wax hemp, Dark Softgels, tinctures, and dab syringes. It also offers various vaping products falling into numerous categories: uncut vape cartridges, disposable vape pens, battery kits, and CBD FTP gear. All e-liquids are made of pure, organic, and safe ingredients; the unique brand offering is a series of Uncut cartridges, which are less potent than vaping liquids but contain nothing except CBD concentrate in a wax form.

The branded “uncut wax” for vaping is CBD FTP’s signature product that puts it apart from many other CBD vaping device manufacturers. In simple terms, the uncut wax content of vaping carts is a more potent product for vaping that comes with greater health benefits because of the absence of unwanted additives. Therefore, CBD FTP carts are widely known for the purity of content and a safe vaping experience, which is much more straightforward than that of vaping e-liquids with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

CBD Wax Cartridge: A Unique CBD FTP Offering

CBD wax for vaping is one of the company’s unique product offerings that comes with certain technical nuances of use but promises much greater value for the consumer’s health than regular vaping products. The inclusion of CBD wax into the content makes it uncut, thick, and extremely potent, enriched with a variety of naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids in hemp. Though it’s much harder to evaporate, the CBD FTP engineers have resolved the dilemma by adding the EliteHEAT preheating battery to their vaping cart designs. As a result, you can enjoy the most organic CBD vaping experience without worrying about MCT, VG, PG, or vitamin E inclusion in the vaping liquid.

X2 and X3 Cartridges by CBD FTP

Another peculiarity worth mentioning is the proprietary X2 and X3 product range that only CBD FTP offers. The company released its X2 carts in 2018, which was a revolution in the CBD market. These carts were the most potent vaping offerings in the market of those days, containing 65% CBD wax with no traditional additives, like PG, VG, and hemp oil. Just fancy: one gram of the Uncut X2 vaping cart contains 650mg of CBD – an unthinkable concentration we’ve never seen in any other brands’ offerings. A more recent product offering is the X3 cartridge containing 800+mg of CBD per gram of vaping liquid. This device is an even rarer find in the CBD market, suitable for true CBD connoisseurs wishing to vape nothing but CBD.

Duration of CBD FTP Cart Use

Users are often looking for durable carts that will stay with them for weeks if not months. So, what about CBD FTP? How long will it last if you buy one? The brand’s answer is – it depends. Obviously, every person has their own CBD vaping routines and preferences, as well as daily dosing. Thus, as a rule, a consumer may expect to use the CBD FTP Uncut cart for 2-4 weeks; 1,000mg carts represent an optimal combination of price and the CBD amount you’re getting.

Another notable point: some users confuse the 500mg and 1,000mg carts, thinking that the difference is about CBD concentration. However, it’s not so, as CBD FTP’s offer is pretty straightforward – the vaper gets around 1mg CBD per puff, no matter the volume of the tank they’re buying. Therefore, buying a 500mg vaping cart only means that its tank’s volume is twice as small as that of a 1,000mg cart. No difference in potency.

Consider CBD FTP As Your Next Vaping Pick

As you can see, CBD FTP has quite a unique product offering for people in love with vaping. Their CBD FTP Uncut carts are packed with health value and devoid of common additives like MCT oil, hemp oil, PG, and VG, promising much less lung damage and excluding the risks of lung disease compared to regular vaping juices and liquids. Besides, some of the company’s products are refillable, and you won’t need to buy the entire device all over again, only refilling the tank with pure, organic, top-notch CBD wax. The final point that may talk you into trying CBD FTP vapes is that their CBD wax is winterized; the brand believes it’s the only technique ensuring the wax cart’s cleanness. With all that data at your fingertips, you might already be excited about trying the CBD FTP vaping devices out. Good luck!

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