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Cannabis 101: Essential Cannabis Terms Every Enthusiast Should Know

Cannabis 101: Essential Cannabis Terms Every Enthusiast Should Know

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Cannabis is a new industry, so there are a lot of unfamiliar cannabis terms to become familiar with. Understanding cannabis jargon, including acronyms, can be like learning a new language. You can bookmark this guide to hone your industry skills at any time, regardless of whether you’re new to the cannabis space or just want to learn more.

In the USA, it’s crucial to secure legal access when using cannabis to avoid potential legal consequences. You can attain this legal access by obtaining a medical marijuana card in your residing state. This can be easily accomplished by visiting a medical marijuana doctor in person or applying for it conveniently online from the comfort of your home.

Cannabis Terms Related To Plants

Bud – The edible flower of the cannabis plant is called a bud.

Cannabinoids – The hundreds of chemicals found in cannabis plants that give it its medicinal and euphoric effects are known as cannabinoids. THC and CBD are two of the most well-known cannabinoids; there are hundreds more, such as CBN, CBG, THCv, and others.

Cannabis – Among other cannabinoids, this psychoactive plant contains THC.

CBD – Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a type of cannabinoid that is present in cannabis and has been linked to a number of health advantages, such as lowered inflammation, improved seizure and epilepsy control, anti-cancer effects, and more.

Clone – A clone is a clipping that is meant to be multiplied by a mature cannabis plant.

Endocannabinoid system – The mammalian internal system known as the endocannabinoid system controls our appetite, sleep patterns, memory, reproduction, and the absorption of cannabis into our bodies.

Fan leaf – The leaves of the cannabis plant that are grown but are not usually eaten. The fan leaf is the source of the traditional “pot leaf” shape.

Feminized – Only female plants yield buds in the cannabis family. The term “feminized” describes cannabis seeds that exclusively contain female genetics, removing the possibility of cultivating a male plant.

Flower – Another term for the cannabis plant’s buds is Flower. The term “flower” describes the plant’s edible portion.

Hemp – A cannabis plant with less than 0.03% THC content is referred to as hemp.

Indica – Genetics of the cannabis plant that originated in India or Central Asia. Compared to sativa strains, indica strains are usually bushier and shorter.

Sativa – European and Asian cannabis plant genetics are known as Sativa. In general, sativa strains are leaner and taller than indica strains.

Seeds – A female cannabis plant produces seeds to carry on the reproductive cycle after being pollinated by a male cannabis plant. Cannabis can be grown from seeds, but many growers prefer to use a clone from an adult female as it ensures a female plant.

Strain – Cannabis strains are genetic variations with varying profiles of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Terpene – Aromatic scents are produced by organic compounds called terpenes. All plant life, including trees, fruit, herbs, cannabis, and more, contains them. Terpenes in cannabis are what give each strain its distinct flavor and aroma.

THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is one of the most widely used cannabis cannabinoids. Since THC is known to have psychoactive effects, when it is consumed, it is what causes the mind-altering experience.

Types Of Smoking Devices And Accessories

Banger – A common kind of nail used for dabbing concentrates is the banger. Usually shaped like a bucket, the material is frequently titanium or quartz. The banger is heated with a torch, and after that, a piece of cannabis concentrate is placed on it and vaporized.

Blunt – A cigarillo with ground cannabis in place of the previously present ground tobacco.

Bong – A bong is a glass smoking apparatus with a bowl, a downstream, a water chamber, and a neck through which smoke is inhaled.

Bowl – A container used for smoking ground cannabis.

Chillum – A pipe with a bowl bigger than a one-hitter that is straight and joint-shaped.

Crutch – Another term for the blunt, spliff, or joint filter.

Dab rig – A concentrated consumption setup consisting of a water chamber and banger. A dab rig is similar to a bong except that it uses a banger instead of a bowl.

Downstem – A downstem is a piece of straight glass that joins the water chamber and bowl in a bong.

Dry herb vape – A device that vaporizes ground cannabis flowers is called a “dry herb vape.”

Gravity bong – A type of bong where the smoke fills the chamber by gravity rather than inhalation.

Joint – A cigarette with cannabis rolls. There is no tobacco in joints.

One hitter – A tiny pencil-shaped pipe called a “one-hitter” contains just enough cannabis to last for one hit.

Papers – A one-time use sheet for rolling spliffs or joints.

Pipe – A portable smoking utensil that holds a bowl of ground cannabis.

Pre-roll – A joint that is ready to smoke right out of the package when you buy it from a retail cannabis store; no rolling is necessary!

Vape – A vape is a device that evaporates concentrates or cannabis distillate for inhalation.
Measurement Units, Consumption or Extraction Methods
%THC or %CBD – %THC or %CBD is a product’s THC or CBD percentage.

Butter/ budder – A concentrated form with a butter-like consistency.

CO2 – An extraction technique for cannabis that uses CO2 to extract the plant’s cannabinoids from its flower.

Concentrate – A cannabinoid extraction that yields a concentrated form of either CBD or THC. Cannabinoids are extracted using a variety of techniques. Various techniques yield varying consistencies.

Crumble – A concentrated consistency that resembles cookie dough but has a crumble-like texture.

Edible – An edible is a food item that has been infected with THC, CBD, or another type of cannabis.

Eighth – An eighth of an ounce is used as a measurement for cannabis flowers or concentrates. A quarter of an ounce is equivalent to 3.5 grams.

Drinkable – A beverage that has been infused with cannabis, either THC, CBD, or another type of oil.

Gram – Cannabis or cannabis concentrate weighs one gram. One ounce is made up of 28 grams.

Hash – Hash is a type of cannabis concentrate made by mechanically extracting the flower’s resin, or cannabinoids. Because the cannabinoids in the hash are physically extracted rather than chemically, it differs from BHO, PHO, and other chemical extraction techniques.

Mids – Cannabis classified as mid-grade is referred to as “mids.”

Nug run – The process of creating cannabis concentrates from the plant’s flower, also known as the bud.

Oil – Another term for cannabis concentrates is oil.

Ounce – One ounce is the same as twenty-eight grams.

PHO – Propane is used in the cannabis extraction process to extract the cannabinoids from the flower.

Schwag – Schwag is slang for subpar marijuana.

Space Cakes – Amsterdam is the origin of space cakes, a sweet treat infused with cannabis.

Terps – Terps is the colloquial word for terpenes. Sometimes, terpenes are added to cannabis concentrates to improve flavor.

Tincture – A tincture is an edible cannabis product that is usually taken orally and combined with a carrier oil (coconut oil, for example).

Topical – A lotion or product that is applied directly to the skin and contains cannabis.

Top shelf – A term referring to premium cannabis.

Trim run – The process of creating cannabis concentrates from the plant’s trimmings. usually regarded as a lower grade than nug run.

Wax – A cannabis concentrate with a consistency similar to wax.

Cannabis Terms Related To the Cannabis Industry

420 – April 20 is designated as a cannabis holiday. A colloquial expression for marijuana or a place, thing, or person that accepts marijuana.

Adult-use – Adult users are those who buy cannabis products from a dispensary and use them for recreational purposes.

Ancillary – Businesses in the cannabis sector that don’t deal with plants. Technology companies, employment agencies, law firms, etc. are a few examples.

Badge – The term “badge” refers to the MED state badge. Employees in the cannabis industry in Colorado are required to obtain.

Budtender – A worker in a retail cannabis establishment who helps consumers or patients make purchases. At a dispensary, the primary point of contact for customers is a budtender.

Cultivation – The process of growing marijuana for personal use.

Dispensary – A store selling cannabis products for sale, either retail or medicinal.

Extraction – To make cannabis concentrates, the process of extracting cannabinoids from plant material is known as extraction.

Grower – An employee of a cannabis farm who assists in the plant’s growth.

MMJ – Medical marijuana is shortened to MMJ.

Stoner – A regular cannabis user is called a “stoner” in colloquial language. It could turn bad based on the circumstances.

Trimmer – In the cannabis industry, a trimmer is an employee who trims the plant to remove leaves and stems from the buds.

The Final Words

These are not the only terms unique to cannabis; you should also become familiar with a wide range of other terms related to cannabis. We’ve listed some commonly used terms in the cannabis industry in this blog post. Keep in mind that when residing in the USA, the consumption of cannabis typically necessitates a medical marijuana card, granting you legal authorization to use medical cannabis.

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