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A medical marijuana card allows you to access quality MMJ strains to help you manage your condition effectively. The card permits you to legally carry, possess, and grow cannabis under certain limitations.
Medical cannabis has proven to be effective in the treatment of both physical as well as mental conditions. These include cancer, epilepsy, sleeping disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, pain, etc.
Recreational cannabis is used for leisure while medical cannabis is used to manage a medical condition. Also, you need a recommendation from a licensed medical health professional to get access to medical cannabis while you don’t need a recommendation to buy recreational cannabis.
Getting a medical marijuana card is a very easy process nowadays. With telemedicine, a person can get recommended from the comforts of their home without any hassle. No more standing in long queues and waiting for hours. It involves three simple steps which include getting 420 evaluated by a medical health professional on a video call. If he approves, you will receive the recommendation within minutes via email. The whole process is easy, quick, and convenient.